A Giant step

With JDG Media’s sport content services and Love Rugby League performing at its highest ever level, I’ve been able to leave the running of the day-to-day aspects of the business to the team.

That’s enabled me to pursue my own ambitions to make a difference in sport, and that has led to me landing a role at Manchester Giants basketball club.

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Frustration with Getty Images’ positive move to solve photo dilemmas

After realising they were fighting a losing battle over bloggers and smaller publishers robbing their images, Getty Images made a bold move to make a library of images available as free to use.

With seemingly infinite pages of content across the web, almost all furnished by an image, it was becoming an increasingly fruitless chase for Getty to protect their images from misuse, and of course the legal costs and challenges that it was presenting.

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Building trust in the media – when you’re kept in the dark

Over the course of the Easter weekend, we learnt of a big story in the Elite League.

Milton Keynes Lightning and another club, who I won’t name here, were to join the top level of British Ice Hockey for the 2017/18 season.

We drafted several versions of the story while the sources were verified (which they were), and myself and our digital content editor Michael Black debated the best course of action.

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Helping Football Manager set a world record – #FM100 challenge

JDG answered an SOS from the National Football Museum to take part in their #FM100 challenge – a Guinness World Record attempt involving the Football Manager Touch 2016 game.

Featured in the museum’s ‘Pitch to Pixel: The World of Football Gaming’ exhibition, the challenge involves 100 different managers playing the game on the same save, for at least an hour each, over 100 days.

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